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The bright ideas for the 12 Tagsom Stories were inspired by conversations with young children. All the stories were created to provide a kid friendly interactive reading experience, designed to improve reading, writing and spelling abilities.

About Tagsom

About Tagsom

Tagsom is an EdTech company, with a mission to reinvent digital learning and teach all young children how to read. Our dazzling interactive platform helps children to read and learn. Connecting with parents by providing a kid friendly interactive reading and learning experience.


Each of the stories have simple questions and mini games that can encourage the involvement and increase the fun. That would be especially great for kindergartens, community center or library etc to organize study/story class/activities.

Amanda Sheh, China

At the end of each story, Valeria 4yrs, would ask me: 'One more story! One more! One more!' Every time. And most of all, she liked a journey through the human body (in the story 'The Blood'). Valeria was so surprised and interested, and asked passing questions about everything in this book, and she would certainly love to continue the journey together with Sarah and her classmates. It's Valeria's favorite story now!

Alla Lagutik, Russia